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Morning Star Review
11 Aug 2013

Sarah Gillespie is a mistress of the blues and there’s a blasting version of that old war-horse St James Infirmary at the conclusion of this otherwise self-penned collection.

Like the classic blues singers, her songs dig beneath the surface of what it means to be human, using the personal to tell stories that are political in the broadest sense.

Singing across the bar lines, she mixes conversation and declamation. And, like a jazz horn-player, she approaches a melody, takes it to pieces and reassembles it in a way reminiscent of Charlie Parker.

A knock-out guitarist, Gillespie switches effortlessly from claw hammer folk picking to chordal strums, with bits of Malian guitar wizardry.

But it’s the stories she tells and her lyrcial gifts that stick in the mind.

“Your love was like digesting dynamite” and “I send you my logic, you send me your mystery” are tremendous one-liners.

Highly recommended.

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