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Poem performed live ‘Lonely Heart Sads’
24 Feb 2013

‘Lonely Heart Sads’ by Sarah Gillespie performed live at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Oxford November 30th 2012 with Gilad Atzmon – saxophone & Max Turnball – piano. (Final line missing from clip)


Bankrupt florist
with no sense of smell
seeks Pinocchio look-a-like to tell
blind mother if the orchids need watering

Bald pink round gambling-addictions adviser
would like to meet flamenco starlet
to clap each time he rampages
 through Vegas
with her credit card
and fox-trots
across shopping mall water fountains
as if he were Fred Astaire and not
a bald pink round gambling-addictions adviser

Mute acrobat
likes long tight-rope walks in the country
seeks retired lip reader with his own ambulance

Lovely on the inside
Friends say I’m kind
I can grow on you slowly like a language
or subsidence in a disintegrating house
full of hard working innocent people sleeping

Towering Schopenhauer fanatic
with aluminum breast
seeks microscopic oriental man
to extract Arian hair from the plug hole
Must be a non smoker

I like going out
Staying in is also nice
I have a sense of humor.
I would like to meet  like minded companion
likes going out
and staying in
and smiles at my jokes

Stigmata with her own bandage factory
requires evangelical atheist to stop her from bleeding

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