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***** Rock n’ Real
11 Nov 2013

Vividly powerful lyrics may be one of the first things to grab the listeners attention to Gillespie’s third album as she goes for a poets construct with some delightful and charismatic phrasing. Pigeons dancing flamenco, athletic shadows, frantic lipstick and a sycophantic secretary are just some of the beautiful literary debris that litters this album.

However, after the flirtatious fun of the word chase comes the music and it is a glorious form of folk that most definitely puts her on the meant-to-be map of genuine singer songwriters. While the content of the lyrics is sometimes mournful and reflective, the music is uplifting and hopeful. Albeit low-key, ‘Sugar Sugar’ trips along with anthemic ripples and ‘Signal Failure’ is contemporaneous in subject yet has a Celtic heartbeat as well as being an oxymoron of buoyant blues. Her acoustic guitar playing also steals the show which is expertly produced by multi-instrumentalist contributor Gilad Atzmon. Exhilarating and glorious combination of the and the challenging and the charming.

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