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21 Sep 2009

SARAH GILLESIPE ****  Salking Juliet

Singer-songwriter is off on a musical world tour with saxophonist Gilad Atzmon

Gillespie was born in London but often travelled to the States growing up. This explains why she’ll happily drop consonants on the title track while also writing tunes that owe something to Tom Waits (Close Range) and Bob Dylan (Don’t Be Sorry). Stalking Juliet could be another promising debut from a left field singer-songwriter but the involvement from jazz maverick and Blockhead, Gilad Atzmon. The saxophonist’s grasp of world music means Gillespie’s wry lyrics and sinuous melodies are complimented by oud, clranet and Middle Eastern rhythms as well as drums, bass and guitar. The title track is a radio friendly boogie but the gypsy swing of How the Mighty Fall and the balladry of Don’t Be Sorry warm the heart. A tonic for jaded ears. John Bungey

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