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21 Sep 2009

A splendidly original debut, for Gillespie’s music is a bracingly eclectic mix of Dylanish Beat poetry with jazz, folk and Middle Eastern elements. Gillespie clearly has a real feel for language and her lyrics are literate and poetic. With intriguing allusions to such as Salome, Delilah and Beelzebub abounding and to icons of cinema like Sophia Loren, Robert de Niro and the classic ‘Brief Encounter’. Indeed, not withstanding the streetwise sassiness, there’s a songwriting sophistication here, one feels that Cole Porter – another icon to whom Gillespie refers – would have recognized. ‘Big Mistake’ is typically witty with Gillespie singing ‘It’s been proven statistically/love like this sends you ballistically green-eyed’ while ‘Sleep Talking’ has a wonderful epigrammatic terseness. The song’s concluding couplet   ‘Love is like a lightning bolt/Delivering a lethal volt’ could, one feels, just as easily be applied to Gillespie herself. The delicately nuanced arrangements enhance the songs beautifully, and the musicianship is superb. ‘Close Range’ for example, features elegent piano from John Turville while producer, Gilad Atzmon, contributes some excelleptional musicianship on tenor saxes, alto saxes, clarinet, harmonica and accordien. His atmospheric solo, for instance, on Malicious Simone, show great tecnique and sensitivity.’ **** – Trevor Hodgett

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