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Ahmed & Dangerous
15 Sep 2009

A Love struck Salome
kissed her war-torn contester
on every street corner in the A to Z
Where are you now my deserter?
I’m all lonely but I’m only in a muddle baby
With your hair in a mess
& your 4 letter dress
what have you got to scream & shout about?
You left me alone with my cellular phone
wanting to punch your digits out
I shout out I’m not, no way, religious or jealous
and my man is Ahmed and dangerous’
What will become of us way down the line?
You know you are notorious
For setting all our hearts & mind on fire
They upped the shots, they knew the die was cast
The holy men were off again
censorious & dark
My father don’t believe in ‘happy ever after’
He sits on his bar stool expecting disaster
Thinks I’m gonna leave, to Tel Aviv
with napalm in the pockets of my Diesel jeans
Hey it might be clear-cut in your lifetime
but it’s not clear-cut in mine
All the time you’re cutting corners on the streets
praying for disaster & military defeat
I couldn’t count all of the women drooling at your feet
so congenially
Will you insure my heart with a safety provision?
for theft, fire, flooding, third party collision
I wouldn’t normally insist, it’s just
you might be Ahmed & dangerous

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