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Big Mistake
15 Sep 2009

It was a big mistake
I was already much younger than I looked
I was already figuring it all out when it hit:-
A horizontal, one man tornado
Ah lover you’re so
fisticated I’m grateful     
Your eye is miles below me
Cause I added it all up
You don’t want to know what you owe me
It’s been proven statistically
Love like this sends you ballistically green-eyed
When he waves at the waitress with fine hips, I tell you
He wanted much more than the dessert menu
I resign to be destroyed
Cause I love you but baby it’s making me paranoid
Close your eyes
I wanted you to be alright
Even if I offer more than I can supply
You know without a doubt
You put these words into my mouth

Was I hallucinating
Or did I see you in the bathroom
Giving yourself a rise and shine?
You were mine before you were born
He said ‘whatever just take the bull by the horn’
And for you I can’t resist
Cause I love you like that
And I want you like this

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