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Close Range
15 Sep 2009

Everything’s groovy
I’ve got pictures of my mother on my shelf
Everything else can be replaced if it needs to
I was caught alone
I had sixteen stitches sewn into my palm
but there was no harm
that I was prone to
The full moon’s spinning circles all around you
I walked a long, long time
With a silver studded sphinx beneath my dress
and I must confess I wasn’t lied to
I lost some sense somewhere
I floated through the air
What have I done?
You’re the only one that I can breathe through
and I can barely see the sun below your halo
There’s a rooster in my dream
There’s a cat at my door
and a devil in my soup
and he’s kind of cute
but I am lost upon you
Give me your everything
Give me water, give me wine
Because my throat is dry
and it seems that I
have ostracized you
While I’m sinking into waters I’m not used to

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