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Don’t Be Sorry
15 Sep 2009

The thunder gave a chores clap            
It couldn’t carry on like that
I was drunk with Larry
at the Baltimore Ramone
The Sea was swollen from below
You rise again & then you go
Often on and off I know
I’ll hear you moaning on
But don’t be Sorry
Economize your cunning
You cornered me
I’m running
Are you loving it darling?
You’re sticking your oar in
Don’t dance like that in front of me
You drunk De Nero wannabe
I’m here because you wanted me
To witness your revolt
I saw the Hudson River freeze
The captain of the boat said ‘please
Just wait till we hit nought degrees
And I’ll take you sailing on’
The city Lights were coming up
The roaming eye was waking up
I kissed him one more time for luck, oh luck

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