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Million Moons
15 Sep 2009

I was walking through the back door
As you headed for the front door
And I saw the sights before me    
As you watched them on the TV
I told you, you took me higher
Than the whole Manhattan skyline
And you said ‘that’s nice to hear babe
But it’s way past my bed time.’
I’m going to let you down
Then I’m going to wear you out
Though I could never take my eyes
Off of you until now
Why didn’t you tell me this
A million moons ago?
When I was your roaming eyed girl
And you were my black-eyed beau
I was talking to my sister
On the telephone this morning
She’d heard of epidemics
And she thought I needed warning
As you poured another drink
You said ‘my liver it is burning
And I’m putting so much weight on
And the phone bill is concerning’.
Now you’re dreaming of Delilah
And that girl from Ipanema
Having seen her in the tabloids
With her dignity beneath her
And you’re racing like a crazy man
Complaining of the weather
You’re Jupiter in drag
And I love you more than ever

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