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Stalking Juliet
15 Sep 2009

He lies down sweet in the bathroom doorway
and he calls you to come on down,
assembles the street sign below the dead balloon
as the pale afternoon
burns softly in the corner
he fools you into thinking that the bread is on the butter
as you mutter indiscreetly
of some old flame or other
and all the time he’s pleading you
to bath beneath the cover
Lie low, lie lover low, lie lifeless till the winds subside
You crack the code but never learn
I’m never to return my lover
Riding rose and I suppose the time it takes is taken
What mighty words, what majestic thoughts
for one who’s so mistaken

The restless space swings like a haunted bell
You knew the interval would come
following his fingers down the newspaper page
where the rage is silent and the open sky surrenders
He walks into the room with overflowing glasses
and a ticket for the bullfight and pre-prepared answers
Then he dances in the dirt in the tie your mother bought him
as you slip back into sleep
and breath the air that now surrounds him
‘You know what, there’s one card missing’
he said as he sat still in the suffocating summer sun
deliriously drained into the smoke infested ceiling
and I’m feeling faintly feverish
all curled up in monotony with honey on my brow
I reminisce of reckless hours that mean nothing to me now
How could you set your mouth so still without the morn in mind?
with cruel connotations trickling through the blind

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