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Rumor Has It
25 Nov 2007

(Inspired by lawyer, dentist, Zionist and leader of the ‘Birther’ movement, Orly Taitz)

Rumor Has It

A number of homosexuals from Obama’s church died in peculiar ways leaving
a trail of social security numbers that spell the word ‘barracuda’
in corresponding alphabetic digits and that’s why federal agents

assassinated that milk man from Bute Montana because he knew all along
that Baxter International were developing a flu vaccine to wipe out dissidents
who celebrate the fact that Fredrick Engels middle name was Trevor

and that same milk man (year right “milk man”) was last seen alive with a stock broker
who suffered the same strain of lactose-intolerance as Uday Hussayn
Yes exactly. Make of that what you will. But there’s proof the Hang Seng floated

photo-copies of passports linked to opium traders denying that Hugo Chavez
owns the software that runs American voting machines
and they’re building internment camps
brick by brick while that guy who bankrolls Hizb’ut Tahrir

sleeps with a JPEG of Arafat’s birth certificate under his pillow
and extracts jam from Dunkin’ Donuts with a scalpel precisely
to give the impression that he is not at the centre of everything

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